60 Fps Vs 90 Fps Pubg Mobile Emulator | Gameloop And Tgb 60 Fps Vs 90 Fps | Big Pubg Fps Comparison

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--- PC specs below ---

????Bare Born LenovoS20 600 watt power supply

????Intel® Xeon® Processor X5660

????12M Cache, GHz, GT/s Intel® QPI

????14 Gb Ram DDR3 1300MHZ

????180 GB SSD intel

????One Segate 1000 Gb Hard Drive

????Graphics Card RX 560 4GB

????9 btn Gaming Mouse Bluddy

????Microphone Bm800 Condenser With Controller And All Kit

????Mechanical Keyboard Chinese Version

????Face Cam A4Tech Anti Glare

????HeadPhone VOLCANO HS500

????Main Led Full 24 Inch Connect With HDMI Connector

????2nd Led Wide 17 Inch Connect With DVI Cable 1920X1200

All actions and words said in the video or on live stream are purely fictional and only for entertainment purpose. By no means its meant to hurt someone. If someone has any issue kindly contact me privately.

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