ASMR “Craziest Crack I’ve Ever Heard!” Back Pain Adjustment Full Body Chiropractic Relax & Sleep 47.

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Location Mechanicsburg, PA.

~ Condenser Microphone Cracks & Crunches
~ Quiet Face Paper & Quiet Office = ASMR
~ Mindfully Placed Ads ~ Relax
~ Chiropractic Sleep Time Remedy

The Birth Place of Shirt Rubbing

A long time I was much younger

Let's go back 6 years. The marriage was still intact. And we were in Ithaca with a 2 and 4-year-old

Listen, I don't prefer the term X-wife

I don't want to X

So, the mother of my children who I'm no longer romantically entangled is named Erica

She's cool, we're great co-parents

And Erica and I were raising children within a parenting philosophy called "attachment parenting"

In no bottles- mom is the sole provider of milk

No pacifiers- children learn to deal with the moment in other ways

No cribs- family no one sleeps ever

As a result, the children were super-glued to approaching the level of

and she barely made it out alive

Ithaca is a spiritual retreat camp experience where we do something called

"The dances of universal peace"

(find me in this video lol)

And a large group of people practices a which is both ancient and a new age hippie-dippie thing started in the 60's

We dance

IN-BETWEEN DANCES there are workshops, healing circles, play-time etc.

One year, I was asked to facilitate a healing circle

Much to Erica's chagrin

In probably should have helped Erica with the kids


Instead, I built a fire and surrounded it with a semi-circle of chairs

And in the leftover was the chiropractic table

We did a group

"Raise your hand if you've had spinal surgery?"
"Is it anyone's first time?"

And then there was no talking

Just a (djembe) drum, a guitar, and an oboe (thank you, Arif)

Inbetween people finishing their adjustment and a new person lying

I would lead a chant of some sacred deities name

We sang as I palpated

The drummer maintained a deep base heart pulse

And right before each adjustment, just like in these videos

I would say "take a deep breath"

And the entire group breeeeeeeeathed into the adjustment



That's not where shirt rubbing was born

lol Oh did you?


Going back still had hair

I was at a festival called SHARE

(We have previously prescription descriptioned that magical place)

I put up a vendor booth and I was doing community adjustments

Just a few chairs were set up, there was no intention or ceremony

the sacredness of the moment did not escape

Bc THAT was when I noticed the group, as one, sinking into the breath

right before the crack


And in the in between and talking about chiropractic to a small group of psychedelically enhanced minds

Shirts. Were. Rubbed.

(then, they thanked me with flower medicine)


Now we are here

And I am leaving for Ithaca in 2 hours, arrival in 6

When I get there I am no longer Dr. B

My name tag instead displays my initiate name

The name my mentor gave me

Shakur Ali

Which is like a combination of Tupac Shakur & Mohammed Ali

Except I'm not Tupac-Mohammed

I'm Shakur Ali

Ali is one of the "99 names" and it

"The peak experience of life"

Shakur, also one of the "99 names"

The quality of gratitude


Gratitude is the peak experience of life


Have you checked out the Heart Math Insitute yet?

Bc they've proven the power of unification

Your heart and your mind, sustained by one pulse, that is optimally

When you are thankful.

So thanks for watching, BREATHING WITH ME

to the sounds of "ASMR “Craziest Crack I’ve Ever Heard!” Back Pain Adjustment Full Body Chiropractic Relax & Sleep 47."

Thank You, Erica

(she doesn't read these lol)

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