BTCC clashing legends Neal and Plato part 1 // Jonny Smith's Late Brake Show

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In this first of 2 special Late Brake Show episodes Jonny Smith brings together BTCC clashing legends Jason Plato and Matt Neal to openly chat about their three decades of paint swapping in the British Touring Car Championship. Sat on the crap brown chairs inside the stunning Williams Racing Heritage Centre, the pair (have collectively spent over 50 years racing in BTCC) discuss mental health and the will it takes to win, the Super Touring weapons they have driven, BTCC tribal fans, Bathurst, their favourite engines and some of their biggest life mistakes. Part 2 will focus more on their notorious rivalry, on and off track.

If you have already watched the one-to-one videos of Neal and Plato (where they talk about how their careers kicked off, where their trophies live and the road cars they regret selling) then this is where The Late Brake Show battered brown chairs come out for the pair of BTCC aces to talk to Jonny together.

Even if you don't follow the British Touring Car Championship closely, there is no denying the high octane closeness and unpredictability of this series.

Jason Plato is a two time BTCC champion and has raced in British Touring Cars for over 20 years. Since his debut in 1997 driving a Williams Laguna next to Alain Menu, he has driven over 500 BTCC races. He drove in the famous Super Touring era and has raced Chevrolets (championship winner 2010), Vauxhalls, Renaults, Seats, MGs and VWs.

Matt Neal is a three time BTCC champion and is celebrating his 30th year in British Touring Cars. Since his debut in 1991 driving an E30 M3 BMW Matt has driven over 700 BTCC races. He drove in the famous Super Touring era and was the first independent team to win a race (1999 behind the wheel of a Nissan Primera) and be gifted £250,000 for the accolade.

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Driver stats:
Matt Neal
BTCC driver 1991-present
Car #25
Races: 760
Wins: 67
Championship wins: 2005, 06 and 2011
Poles: 17
Podiums: 201
Fastest Laps: 58
Current team: Halfords Yuasa Racing

Jason Plato
BTCC driver 1997-present
Car #11
Races: 599
Wins: 97
Championship wins: 2001, 2010
Poles: 51
Podiums: 231
Fastest Laps: 86
Current team: Sterling Insurance with Power Maxed Racing

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Filmed and edited by: Mark Hankins - @Inksharkman - InkShark Studio
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant Design

Huge thanks to Williams Racing Heritage Centre ( ) for being so accommodating and willing to let TLBS film inside their stunning facility.

Jonny Smith
Creative content maker, car presenter; car pervert for hire since '98

0:00 Intro
0:58 Welcome
1:50 Describe BTCC in 20 secs
2:36 'Sports People In Distress'
3:35 Matt's 1991 debut E30 M3
3:57 What keeps you hungry?
4:37 Time to retire?
5:22 Never a chance to reflect
6:18 When did you first meet?
7:10 Dario Franchitti on cone duty
7:44 Big crashes
8:54 Younger drivers fast tracking
9:34 Tyres 'too good' now
10:03 Scariest driving experiences
10:57 Matt's mountain bike crash
11:24 Nans love us
12:06 Mentally fit
12:58 Is Plato safety conscious?
13:40 Racing on Top Gear
14:33 BTCC too working class?
15:23 Who are the best drivers?
16:55 Making a car 'dance'
17:33 Fifth Gear Tiff 'on it'
18:15 Tribal BTCC fans
19:32 Weird autographs
19:58 Eyeball signing
20:23 Post-race mental state
22:09 Favourite engines
22:45 Dream car to drive
23:10 Biggest mistakes
25:30 Jason 'losing' 5 championships
26:30 Matt's marriage
27:22 Prize giving
29:37 Plato's Dad's Astra GTE
32:00 Part

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