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Fresh from his plane back from Baku, Tom Clarkson joins Damon Hill and Natalie Pinkham to look back on a thrilling Azerbaijan Grand Prix which saw Sergio Perez claim his first win for Red Bull after Max Verstappen’s spectacular exit. They pick apart all the drama of that accident, Hamilton’s error at the restart, Vettel’s brilliance for Aston Martin, Gasly’s elbows out duel with Leclerc and much more. Plus there’s another edition of Ask Damon, including questions on tech gizmos and reading material.

0:00 – Tired (and a bit smelly) TC’s off the plane from Baku!
5:15 – Damon gets rumbled in a chat about top speeds
12:56 – How was Hamilton bewitched by ‘brake magic’?
23:40 – TC has a great ‘pub quiz’ fact for us
26:58 – Is Perez’s win the start of something special?
29:30 – How Vettel’s turned the corner, and is Gasly a ‘small team driver’?
39:19 – The wee question we’ve all been waiting for!
44:07 – The Champ talks tech and books in ‘Ask Damon’
50:59 – The sad loss of McLaren’s ‘powerhouse’

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