[Collab] Roblox Piggy Jumpscares V6 has a Sparta Remix

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Alright JaySpartan Dream19 Special continues this week, and today we gonna continue the Roblox Piggy Jumpscares Sparta Remix which has been reaches Version 6 (V6), also this is the very first time, I’m doing a collab with another sparta remixers and for now which is this sparta remix, I’m doing a collab with @sparta_oof for this. The collab concept it’s inspired from some Team Collab Sparta Remix videos which has been in YouTube for months, so sparta_oof will be doin’ the Chorus part, and Me will be doin’ the BGM and the Visual.

Also this Roblox Piggy Sparta Remix includes Sketch for the entire pitch samples and some perc samples which are used in this sparta remix.

So I gonna to say thank you to sparta_oof once again to be the part of this collab to celebrate this special sparta remix.

Enjoy and Thanks for Watching.

[ 3/13/2021 - 3/16/2021 ]
In collaboration with:
sparta_oof = Chorus Part
AjaySR = Visual and BGM
Source(s): IULITMx , Video Game News , Sketch
Sparta Base : Hyper SEE by Spencer Everly
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