Dolphin Emulator: How to emulate MotionPlus with JoyCons

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I posted a new video showing how to properly configure the motion input for the Nunchuk extension and an other one for the the Pro Controller

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Really sorry for my accent and odd way to read my script, I'm not comfortable speaking, especially in another language, but this video was also a way to test myself.

Here's the link to the Zip file (redirects to MEGA):

It contains “JoyCons Metroid” which is, obviously, built for the Metroid Prime Trilogy.
The “JoyCons” preset is a more modern style layout than the other, which you’ve surely guessed it, emulates the Wiimote + Nunchuk layout in the best way I could do.
(You can also just modify them if you want)
The gamepads profiles path is usualy *\Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Config\Profiles\Wiimote (if not, try in *Your Dolphin Installation*\Config\Profiles\Wiimote)

First, you will need to have installed BetterJoyForCemu :

(instructions here )
Huge thanks to Davidobot for creating such an amazing software !

And you need to have paired your JoyCons to your PC.

Start BetterJoyForCemu and Connect your Joycons.

Then start Dolphin, click on controllers, and then Alternate Input Sources and enable the DSU Client.

Verify that both BetterJoy and Dolphin are configured to the same ip adress and port.

Close Alternate input and reduce BetterJoy window then open the Emulated Wiimote configuration window.

-Reset to default so that the Input boxes in the “motion input” tab are automatically filled with the correct controller. I suggest that you should absolutely bind a button to recenter the motion controls, because it will often become off centered.
-Select the “DSUClient/x/DualShock 4” input coressponding to the JoyCon you want to be the pointer (x being the number of the JoyCon that is in your dominant hand)
(you can easily check which one is which by switching between the two DSUClient inputs while moving the desired JoyCon and see if the Accel values change)

If you wish to use the Nunchuk, go to the “Extension Motion Input” tab and right click on the input boxes, then map each accel axes to their corresponding input. Do keep in mind that you need to change to the correct joycon input source in the dropdown menu.

You can then configure the buttons however you want.

Credits: #Dolphin
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