DOOM ETERNAL Gameplay Walkthrough Part 13 THE CRUCIBLE (FULL GAME)

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Crucibles are a type of energy-based melee weapon first featured in Doom (2016), discovered via hallucination in the Lazarus Labs and later obtained by the Doom Slayer, though never used as a weapon in-game. In Doom Eternal, one of the Crucibles is the Doom Slayer's own sword from his time as a Night Sentinel and can be used in the later parts of the game.

Crucible blade is said to be one of the weapons capable of neutralizing Titans; however, the Titan will rise again if the Crucible blade is ever removed from its body. To circumvent this, the Doom Slayer tends to break the handle off of a Crucible after killing a Titan, leaving the blade embedded. When this is done, blue energy visibly spreads over the Titan's body, seemingly to indicate its permanent neutralization.

A Crucible is a weapon powered by raw Wraiths or Hell energy, or possibly Argent Energy. The handle is capable of being charged with energy, and can form a red glowing blade covered in hellish runes that may be wielded like a sword. The Doom Slayer obtains a demonic variation of such a weapon in Doom (2016), used to presumably draw energy out of the Wraiths on Argent D'Nur. It is never used as a weapon, but Samuel Hayden activates the blade once he obtains it.

In Doom Eternal, it is revealed that more than one Crucible exists, and the Doom Slayer re-obtains one that used to belong to him a long time ago. Compared to the Crucible of the previous game, it appears much less organic and monstrous, being made of simple dark grey metal instead of demonic flesh and bone. The Crucible works by generating a hot, presumably super-sharp blade of energy that can cut through demons very easily, seemingly burning through them. This allows the Doom Slayer to instantly slice any demon in pieces, even exceptionally large and durable ones like the Tyrant and Baron of Hell; it is also revealed that a Crucible is one of the few ways to permanently kill a Titan.

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