EREN'S WARHAMMER TITAN!! | Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 12 Breakdown

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This video explains episode 12 of Attack on Titan season 4, in which Eren uses the power of the Warhammer Titan to escape from his underground cell. Eren’s supporters (known as “Jaegerists”) have begun their plan to overtake the military on Paradis island. Meanwhile Marley begin their strike back against the island. Episode 12 of AOT the Final Season is called Guides. The episode focuses on the Yaegerists overthrowing the military and the fallout of Eren escaping from prison. The Yaegerists are now effectively in charge of Paradis after Pixis agrees to surrender.

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Episode 12 of AOT the final season was called Guides.

Armin’s fascination with Annie is likely because of the influence of Bertholt's memories, but I don’t think even Armin realises that. Hitch is the person that usually watches Annie's titan crystal, although Armin comes here in his free time. Hitch and Annie used to be squamates together in the military police, and their relationshup was very briefly explored in Attack on Titan the spin-off manga called Lost Girls.

Ever since the marlyean volunteers first arrived on the island, Eren was shown to not have real contact with any of them , with Levi even going out of his way to stop Yelena interacting with Eren. Despite that, there was one night around 10 months ago in which Floch was assigned to watch over Yelena. On that night there was a party going on but Yelena suspiciously left early, with Floch escorting her back to her house. Eren happened to live not too far away from that location. Yelena straight up admits that she met Eren that night, although she claims she did it for the best interests of the island. Eren agreed to meet Yelena because he personally felt the island was in danger, and Floch was the middleman that allowed the meeting to happen.

Moving over to Zachary’s office, Armin and Mikasa attempted to convince him to let them speak with Eren but by then it was already too late. By this point in the day, knowledge of Yelena’s secret meeting with Eren had completely destroyed the tiny bit of trust the military had left in him, and his refusal to make any comment about the situation only made them more suspcious. Zachary believes that Eren is now essentially a puppet of Zeke, so the test of the rumbling won’t as long as Eren has the power. There was simply nothing that Armin or Mikasa could’ve said in this meeting that would’ve redeemed eren in the eyes of the military.

In a quick emergency meeting between the three military branches, plus Onkyankopon, they begin to review the situation. Armin quickly establishes that it was the new survey corps recruits that killed Zachary.

Using the power of the warhammer titan, eren was able to dig an underground tunnel from which to escape, just like he warned Hange he could do. Although the anime didn’t actually show this part happening, Eren sealed off his escape route with titan hardening so that no one in the military could chase after him. Floch and the other Yaegerists were able to escape because there are many prison guards on Paradis who believe in Eren’s cause, and in fact some of those guards were the ones who told Eren what day and time to break out. Like floch said, the group here is just a small fraction of Erens’ supporters. This moment with Eren putting on his hoodie infront of the sunset is possibly one of the most iconic ever.

Right now their only goal is to find Zeke.

Moving on, in newly organised meeting, the military branches discuss the situation at hand, with Kiyomi having the most awkward seat in the house. She had arrived in the last episode to witness the partial rumbling. Instead she’s been caught up in the middle of a revolution and watches on as the military police leaders bicker with the survey corps. Pixis’s arrival brought a bit of stability to the meeting as he is now the one in charge, but ultimately his game plan was to surrender to Eren.
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