How To Install Ruffle Flash Emulator As a Browser Extension

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I did a previous video about using the Ruffle Flash Emulator, and after that you guys have asked how to install it and use it on browsers. So from that I've created this video about how to run flash in browsers by using ruffle emulator. I hope you've enjoyed it or find it , if you have any comments, suggestions or ideas leave them in the comments down below, that would be great.

And I know, I know, I've used "As you can see" like a billion times during the video. But hey that's just improvisation :)

Helpful Resources:
- Ruffle:
- Ruffle Github:
- The Site that I've used for testing:

- YouTube:
- Medium: @mrrandomgenerator
- Twitter:

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4lienetic & Solace - Eloigne (ft. cash):
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