How to set up CI using the Firebase Emulator Suite

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Imagine you’re working on the next amazing version of your app and changing and expanding how it interacts with Firebase. Obviously, you don’t want to find out that something isn’t quite right after you release the new version. Let's talk about how to automatically catch these things using Firebase Emulator Suite + continuous integration.

0:00 Introduction
1:36 CI in action
3:48 Unit testing security rules
4:30 Integration testing Cloud Functions
6:34 Running tests locally
7:33 Why CI?
9:10 Configuring GitHub workflow
12:33 Inspecting GitHub Actions
13:11 Specifying project ID
15:21 Build with confidence
16:22 Recap and next steps

Medium post:
Emulators codelab, with all the code used in the talk:
Todd and Rachel's talk on unit testing Security Rules:
David and Tyler's talk about the Emulator UI:

Speaker: Yuchen Shi

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