Lucy Charles-Barclay WTCS Leeds | Race Review | GIVEAWAY

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Diving head-first into her first outdoor short course triathlon, Lucy goes up against some of the best in the world of WTCS! The race in Leeds was certainly exciting, and a massive learning curve, but to still come out in 5th was an excellent result!

The swim bike and run may have been shorter than normal - but the challenge was just as big as what she's used to in the ironman! And the third discipline of transition, with mount and dismount, far more important!

Lucy talks through her thoughts pre and post race - what went well and what could be improved. Will more short course racing be on the cards in the future?

Remember to enter the giveaway in the comments section by answering Lucy's question:
Did my performance surprise you in the short course, if so, what surprised you about it? Or were you not even surprised at all?

Make sure to let us know what you think and we will pick somebody to win Lucy's signed transition number from Leeds!
Produced by: Holly Charles

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