Mean Girls 2 is literally the worst

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Mean Girls 2 is the movie we all not like this. Join me for a regretful review.
0:00 Intro
0:19 Mean Girls the cultural phenomenon
0:45 The First Problem with Mean Girls 2
1:30 The Plastics but worse
2:30 Who actually does this?
3:06 Forced Rivalry
3:44 Am I the only one who felt these vibes?
4:04 No Seriously, who wrote this??
4:25 23 minutes
4:46 Love/ Hate relationship
5:21 Cruel Intentions
6:27 Home Alone (4) meets Rugrats
6:40 Blush Bunny Rant
7:16 The Straw that breaks the camels back
7:52 The Anti-Plastics
8:18 Ill-fated turning point
8:50 It gets worse
9:38 The Consequences of my actions

Fun Fact: I actually kept forgetting the characters names and thats why I used the original Mean Girls characters names. ????????????‍♀️

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