Minecraft Achievement Race...

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We tried a Minecraft Achievement Race, and whoever gets earns the most achievements

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- people in the video: @Evakz

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Today, Evakz and I went against each other to see who could earn the most Minecraft Achievements. This is kind of a Minecraft Achievement Speedrun, but instead of all vanilla achievements, this is a custom coded plugin where it's a mixture of Vanilla and Custom achievements. This video was really intense and had some insane plays, kind of how Dream makes his 200 IQ Moves in his Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters videos, but not with the crazy screaming and everything like that. Who will win the ultimate Minecraft Achievement Race/Speedrun, and who will lose? Watch the video to find out.

This is not your normal Minecraft Challenge, such as Minecraft Manhunt, Minecraft, but Water / Lava Rises, or the Dream SMP, but instead First to Earn the most Minecraft Achievements WINS
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