PCSX2 1.6 released! 55 PS2 games Tested! PCSX2 Emulator Showcase 60fps PC (NEW 2020)

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The release of PCSX2 emulator is finally here. 55 games tested! Games like Midnight Club 3, Jak and Ratchet and Clank series, Killzone and many others have all been fixed in hardware mode. In this video I used the DX11 hardware renderer quite a bit, although OpenGL blending is still more accurate and better suited with several DX11 has become much more accurate than it was this past year or so and works just as well as OpenGL in the majority of titles. GPU usage is also high since I was using several 60fps patches along with 5X and 6X resolutions for almost all games shown here with the exception of a few. The two PAL games shown here are running at 50fps, they did not have a 60hz option. All videos recorded in real-time using Shadowplay.

A few notes:

DQ8 - 60fps patch is still incomplete, many elements still run too fast and a couple other glitches. But without the patch, DQ8 seems to work perfectly fine on PCSX2

MGS3 - OpenGL may be required in certain areas for accurate visuals and effects.

GT4 - I used DX11 but OpenGl with High blending will give the most accurate visuals, but I prefer DX11 since it gives me better fps at higher resolutions. I also used a no-HUD patch so that is why there is no HUD during the race.

Siren 2 - Used the 60fps patch here but game seems way too fast, so I don't know.

HSG4 - Using a separate patch here that allows hardware mode with higher resolutions to be playable at good speed (without shadows) and also shows the shot meter correctly. Thank you to mrjared123 and kozarovv for the codes.

Sly 3 - I used 21:9 patches for all Sly games tested here. For Sly 3, using the 21:9 patch, the Venice level shows the patch that didn't stretch the HUD, but it messed up some other things so I disabled the HUD stretch fix on the pirate level but kept 21:9 enabled. Credit to Meos for the no-blur patches of all PS2 Sly titles!

Ace Combat 5 - To fix those horizontal lines, I think you need to set Round Sprite to Half. Can't believe I forgot that! To fix vertical lines, use Align Sprite hack or the no-interlacing patch.

Some background music is also muted or replaced in certain clips to prevent copyright issues on youtube.

True Crime: Streets of LA on PCSX2 :


PCSX2 builds:

60 fps patches:

No interlacing patches:

Widescreen patches:

other fixes:

CPU: i7 4790k GHZ
RAM: 16gb Ripjaws 2000MHZ CL10
GPU: GTX 1070ti
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
video recorded using Shadowplay


Gran Turismo 4 (21:9) 00:00
Slent Hill 3 03:36
Killzone 5:10
GTA:San Andreas 9:57
Jak and Daxter 15:36
Shadow of the Colossus (21:9) 18:37
Ace Combat 5 21:56
Dragon Quest VIII 25:28
Jak 3 27:14
Sly Cooper 2 (21:9) 29:48
The Getaway 32:03
Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence 34:41
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix (21:9) 37:14
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (32:9) 40:17
Gran Turismo 3 43:21
WRC: Rally Evolved (32:9) 46:38
Forbidden Siren 2 (21:9) 51:53
Champions: Return to Arms 55:54
Sly Cooper 3 (21:9) 57:56
Ratchet and Clank 2 01:01:09
God of War II 01:04:17
Ratchet and Clank 1 (21:9) 01:07:55
BLACK (21:9) 01:10:34
WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain (21:9) 01:13:38
Tekken Tag (21:9) 01:15:08
NFL 2k5 (2k20 rosters) (21:9) 01:16:14
SoulCalibur 3 (21:9) 01:21:08
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution (21:9) 01:26:00
DOA2 Hardcore (21:9) 01:27:50
GTA: Vice City Stories 01:29:40
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 01:32:27
Burnout 3: Takedown 01:34:06
GodHand 01:36:47
GTA III 01:39:43
WRC II Extreme (32:9) 01:41:11
Motorstorm Arctic Edge 01:43:05
NBA Street Vol. 2 (21:9) 01:44:59
Hot Shots Golf 4 01:48:12
F1 2001 (21:9) 01:52:52
Sly Cooper 1 (21:9) 01:54:26
Burnout Revenge 01:58:25
Sonic Unleashed 02:00:09
Justice League Heroes 02:02:04
WRC 1: World Rally Championship 02:04:27
Pro Evolution Soccer 3 02:05:39
TigerWoods PGA 2005 (21:9) 02:07:11
Train Simulator Real: THE Yamanote Sen 02:08:41
Gran Turismo 2000 (21:9) 02:10:31
Initial D: Special Stage (21:9) 02:13:36
Urban Reign 02:14:24
OutRun 2 SP 02:16:12
Test Drive Unlimited 02:17:22
MVP 2005 02:18:56
mlb 2005 (21:9) 02:21:38
ICO (21:9) 02:24:07
Silent Hill 3 again 02:26:24
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