[Punishing: Gray Raven] Installation Guide (TW/JP Server) for Android Emulator on PC

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In this video, I go over how to install Punishing: Gray Raven (Taiwanese/Japanese servers). Global release is imminent, but it looks like it will still take some time for it to actually come out. In the meantime, come play on the TW/JP servers to get a feel of things. I unfortunately don't cover the Chinese/bilibili version as it was slightly too complex.

The video contains instructions on how to install Punishing: Gray Raven on an emulator, but you can definitely replicate these steps on an Android phone, provided you download the APK or use QooApp (or Taptap) like I did. To get it on iOS, I believe you need a JP app store account, and I unfortunately am not covering that now.

Hopefully, this will help teach you how to play Punishing: Gray Raven on PC via an emulator. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. My next few videos will probably be on beginner guides, tier lists, and potentially some menu translations. I'll also definitely be giving controller a shot.

As always, thanks for watching,

Alpha is the waifu, and the code for the S Rank selector is GR777 (case sensitive)
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