Roland MIDI Emulator Project 2.0 for best music with DOS Retro Games

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I have tested a few Thin Clients to see how they function as a MIDI Emulator. If you prefer something new, you can also use a Mini PC. Such a MIDI Emulator emulates classic MIDI Synthesizers like the Roland MT-32, CM-32L, LAPC-I and General MIDI Sound Canvas and can also load any standard Sound Font in the SF2 format.

The parts for the entire project are under USD 100, so this is an affordable way to add awesome MIDI Music to your DOS PC for those classic games from Sierra, Lucasarts, Origin and many other! We are using batch files and some nifty software, so everything can be controlled without a monitor, quite impressive actually.

I recommend a Thin Client with a G-Series APU, avoid older models with Atom, Sempron or VIA processors. If you prefer a Mini PC, I used an older model with the Atom Z8350 and it worked flawless. Newer models with the Apollo Lake and Gemini Lake chipsets will of course also work for this MIDI Emulator project.

Affiliate links:
HP t610 Thin Client:
HP t620 Thin Client (Even better):
Cheap Mini PCs:
Roland USB MIDI Adapter:
MIDI Cable:
MIDI Joiner:
Audio Cable:
Wireless Mini Keyboard:

Software Links:
Falcosoft MIDI Player: #midiplayer
Falcosoft MIDI Player FAQ:
YAMAHA Soft Synth:
Roland MT-32 and CM-32L ROMs:
Sound Canvas VA:
Project page with BATCH files used in this video:

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