Super Smash Bros. Ultimate -Can KIRBY'S HATS Help Him COMPLETE These 38 Challenges?

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Kirby is pretty decent at completing challenges but he was never able to use his Kirby Hats to pass them so he has failed a lot of Challenges. In this video, Kirby can use what ever Hat and Powers in order to complete these 38 challenges!

0:00 Introduction
0:51 Who Can Jump Over The Giant Candlestick?
1:19 Who Can Save The Princess?
1:49 Who Can Escape The Dirt Pit?
2:14 Who Can Cross The Windy Bridge?
2:41 Who Can Squeeze Into The Baby Club?
3:21 Who Can Jump Over The Flaming Smash Ball
3:26 Whose Final Smash Can Go Through A Steel Wall?
3:38 Who Can Go Under The Flaming Smash Ball?
4:09 Who Can Break The Target With Their Final Smash?
4:20 Who Can Break Into Area 51 To See Them Aliens?
4:51 Who Can Jump Over Luigi's Mansion
5:19 Who Can Outrun The Flaming Smash Ball On The Hotwheels Track?
5:40 Whose Final Smash Can Outlast Kaklang?
5:48 Whose Final Smash Can Break The Barrier? (KOF Stage)
5:58 Who Can Break The Target On The Christmas Tree?
6:28 Who Can Deliver The Christmas Present To Santa's Workshop?
6:40 Who Can Make The Chandelier Jump?
6:54 Who Can Escape Prison?
7:17 Who Can Pass Through The Lava Section?
7:28 Who Can Score A Basket?
7:49 Who Can Outfall The Koconut Drop?
8:00 Who Can Escape The Bomb Blast?
8:16 Who Can Beat The Golf Challenge?
8:42 Who Can Break The Target Through A Steel Wall?
9:03 Who Can Survive Under Luigi's Elevator?
9:15 Who Can Complete The Obstacle Course
9:43 Who Can Destroy Sephiroth's Counter?
9:50 Who Can Escape Prison Using A Final Smash?
10:03 Who Can Score A Field Goal?
10:19 Who Can Climb The Highest Wall? ()
10:51 Who Can Survive The Big Blue? ()
11:09 Who Can Make The Hyrule Jump? ()
11:19 Who Can Jump Across Hyrule? ()
11:50 Who Can Go Under The Final Destination ()
12:03 Who Can Cross The Training Stage? ()
12:38 Who Can Break The Barrier With A Physical Attack ()
13:08 Who Can Break Steve's Crafting Table? ()
13:45 Who Can Beat Sonic In A Race? ()


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