The Race So Fast Drivers PASSED OUT From G-Force

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This is the story of when race cars got so fast that some of the drivers actually passed out. With the combination of 900 horsepower cars, loads of aero and the banking of the circuit - the g-force exceeded the limits of the human body.

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Let me tell you what I’ve learnt about this race, the limits of the human body and the mentality of racing drivers.

What kind of forces would need to be involved to make a human pass out and then crash? And how did this happen? I mean, the series, drivers and teams know the cars and tracks, so why didn’t they predict it?

First off, let's talk about these cars that were so fast - over 900 brake

What kind of cars are so fast, that the limitation on going faster, is the human pushing the pedals, not the car’s engine power or grip?

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