What if Super Bell Hill was in Bowser's Fury? [custom Bowser's Fury level mod]

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I added the level "Super Bell Hill" to Bowser's Fury! What would Super Bell Hill from Super Mario 3D World look like in Bowser's Fury? Here's a custom level, based off of World 1-1, Super Bell Hill, with an extra Cat Shine for Mario to collect and extra content added! What would the start of Bowser's Fury be like if you started in Super Bell Hill instead of Furstep Island? Today we find out :D

The gameplay in the new Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury on the Nintendo Switch is really fun, and here's a mash-up between both games by adding a custom Super Mario 3D World modded level to Bowser's Fury!

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I also made a custom level in World 1-1 (Super Bell Hill) where the Goal Flag runs away from Mario!

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Intro/ Explanation - 0:00
Starting at Super Bell Hill - 0:08
Next warp box - 0:18
Cat goombas/ pipes - 0:28
Trees - 0:43
Collectibles in the level - 1:02
Wet texture + more exploration - 1:20
Mushrooms without Bowser Jr + key - 2:00
What happens if you die - 2:29
Continuing to the long clear pipe - 2:50
Fire flower power-up - 3:27
Trampoline - 3:43
Getting through the goop pipe - 4:00
Under the goop - 4:18
The next part of Super Bell Hill - 4:50
Wall that you can't get over/ around - 5:04
What's beyond the wall? - 5:50
Normal goal flag location - 6:00
Warp box + high up island - 6:15
Getting the cat power-up - 6:33
Over the wall - 6:50
Going to get the final key (finally) - 7:13
Back to the locked warp box - 7:45
Tall climb - 8:06
Other ideas for future levels/ Bowser's Fury mods - 8:27

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